About Me

I am the oldest of five kids and growing up we were very involved in our church. Helping out with VBS, revivals, banquets, and more. As I grew older I took over some of those roles and am now the church pianist and nursery coordinator among other odd jobs. In my spare time (when I carve it out :-) ) I enjoy reading books, preferably romance, watching movies, old and new, crocheting/knitting, taking pictures :-P , playing piano, taking walks, roller skating (NOT roller blading), and much more. 
I have loved the feeling of a camera in my hand long before digital cameras were popular. I clicked away as often as I could but with my parents paying for the film that was not very often until I received my first digital camera for my graduation. Since then I have not stopped clicking starting with my siblings Senior pictures. I have been blessed with nicer and nicer cameras over the years and have continued to hone my skills to the best of my ability, seeking the intense pleasure that only comes when you see the amazing product in hand and then the smiles on the faces of my customers. Now that I have branched out into the public realm, I look forward to capturing your special moments for you to treasure for all of time.

~Sarah Brown of Glory Studio